How to play Trailmakers on Mac

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Trailmakers is a popular building game developed by Flashbulb. It was originally released for Windows on 18 Sep, 2019.

You still can't play Trailmakers on Mac because a native Mac version was never released, but you can play Trailmakers on Windows running inside Mac. Here's how.

What is Trailmakers?

Here's a quick description:

Build sports cars, jet planes, helicopters, or walking robots and take them on missions of exploration or breakneck rally races.

How to play Trailmakers using Parallels

Even if you don't have a PC, you can install Windows on your Mac using Parallels. Parallels is virtualization software with full support of DirectX and GPUs, which will give you a decent graphics performance. With a couple of clicks, you can install Windows 10 on Mac and ten switch between MacOS and Windows instantly. You can run Windows just like on a regular PC, install Steam and enjoy Trailmakers game on Mac.

Even though the virtualization is relatively easy to set up, it requires you to buy both Parallels and Windows licenses. Since you'll be running two operating systems side by side, you'll need to dedicate at least 20-30GB of disk space for this setup and also a strong machine to run both operating systems at the same time.

If you have an older Mac or have a Mac with an M1 chip which doesn't fully support virtualization yet, you might want to try a virtual computer running in the cloud such as Second Computer.

How to play Trailmakers using Second Computer

Alternatively, you can create a virtual computer in the cloud using Second Computer. Instead of license fee for Windows and Parallels, you pay by the hour (so it's much cheaper if you are using it infrequently) and you control the computer via a web browser. That means even if you have an older computer, you can run the latest games in the cloud without maxing out your processor or memory.

One added benfit is that since the computer is located in the cloud, you can access it from any device you own. So in theory you can play Trailmakers not just from your Mac, but also from your iPhone and Android device (it's not going to be a very nice experience though on such a small screen size).

Either way, Second Computer provides a nice alternative for running non-native Mac apps on your Mac by connecting to a computer in the cloud.

Happy gaming!


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Jan 20, 2021

This game installs Red Shell spyware on your pc without your knowledge. Just In case people aren't aware Red Shell is a spyware that tracks data of your PC and shares it with 3rd parties. This is an absolutely unacceptable proposition. There is no opt out option and at no point do these developers make players aware that they are tracking almost anything you do on your pc.EDIT: Apparently Red Shell has been removed from Trailmakers as of today. I'm leaving this review up because a breach of trust is a breach of trust. Removing spyware after you've been caught using it does not make you consumer friendly. It's an act of self preservation.EDIT 2: Yes Trailmakers has become an absolutely fantastic game and is incredibly fun to play with friends but the Red Shell thing happened. In our modern "nothing is ever forgotten" internet age these companies need to know that we will remember that they abused our trust. I am not lobbying for anyone to boycott the game but that they should go into it knowing the company they are supporting has done this kind of thing and there are no reasons to believe they won't do it again. If you are comfortable buying the game then do so. If not then do not. My reason for posting about Red Shell was to inform consumers about the issue. Nothing more.


Aug 4, 2020

(I dont dig the social media and discord aspect of it at all, exclusive content locked to social media participation is bloody annoying.I really really am sick of social media and live service infesting EVERYTHING in gaming now, I just want to play solo!)I probably reacted a bit harshly in the initial review, I was really sick of social media getting into everything and sort of lashed out, and if steam supported it, I would change my review to neutral at this point to better reflect my feelings on this game.The solo campaign is actually pretty fun.


July 13, 2020

AMAZING GAME! Costs Money And Crashes Sometimes :( But Overall Really Good Game!!!!