How to play Endless Legend™ - Emperor Edition on Mac

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Endless Legend™ - Emperor Edition is a popular strategy game developed by AMPLITUDE Studios. It was originally released for Windows and Mac on 18 Sep, 2014.

What is Endless Legend™ - Emperor Edition?

Here's a quick description:

Endless Legend is a 4X turn-based fantasy strategy game by the creators of Endless Space and Dungeon of the Endless. Control every aspect of your civilization as you struggle to save your homeworld Auriga. Create your own Legend!

How to play Endless Legend™ - Emperor Edition using Parallels

Even if you don't have a PC, you can install Windows on your Mac using Parallels. Parallels is virtualization software with full support of DirectX and GPUs, which will give you a decent graphics performance. With a couple of clicks, you can install Windows 10 on Mac and ten switch between MacOS and Windows instantly. You can run Windows just like on a regular PC, install Steam and enjoy Endless Legend™ - Emperor Edition game on Mac.

Even though the virtualization is relatively easy to set up, it requires you to buy both Parallels and Windows licenses. Since you'll be running two operating systems side by side, you'll need to dedicate at least 20-30GB of disk space for this setup and also a strong machine to run both operating systems at the same time.

If you have an older Mac or have a Mac with an M1 chip which doesn't fully support virtualization yet, you might want to try a virtual computer running in the cloud such as Second Computer.

How to play Endless Legend™ - Emperor Edition using Second Computer

Alternatively, you can create a virtual computer in the cloud using Second Computer. Instead of license fee for Windows and Parallels, you pay by the hour (so it's much cheaper if you are using it infrequently) and you control the computer via a web browser. That means even if you have an older computer, you can run the latest games in the cloud without maxing out your processor or memory.

One added benfit is that since the computer is located in the cloud, you can access it from any device you own. So in theory you can play Endless Legend™ - Emperor Edition not just from your Mac, but also from your iPhone and Android device (it's not going to be a very nice experience though on such a small screen size).

Either way, Second Computer provides a nice alternative for running non-native Mac apps on your Mac by connecting to a computer in the cloud.

Happy gaming!

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Jan 20, 2021

EL is a really enjoyable and challenging, turn based strategy game.It is right up there with Civ 6 which I love too.Perhaps the most attractive aspect is the inextricable interlinking of the many active aspects of the system, the game is never the same twice because of this and one's own strategic approach which is inevitably educated by previous sorties into the game environment.I am 67 and a retired senior manager so its just like work to me. (something I loved too)Best thing of alll - EL has a good tutorial and is easy to pick up particularly if you are accustomed to turn based strategy games.


Aug 4, 2020

This game does a lot of things well and a lot of things poorly. I've been playing 4X games like Civ for a long time, but I'm no expert. This game drew me in at first—it has all the micromanagey goodness I look for, and the factions are so unique that you'll spend your first hour with a faction just trying to read all of the things it can do. But after two full, enjoyable, single-player playthroughs, I think I'm done with the game.Reasons I'm done, despite the game being enjoyable:1. Lore - The designers clearly put a lot of love into the game. The factions are so diverse and unique from many other games. They put all of the cliches into the non-playable minor armies, where they belong. And yet, they didn't build much of a lore for their factions. Sure, there are brief descriptions of the factions and quests that give a little more flavor, but they each really need a single player campaign to bring them to life.2. City uniformity - While each city seems like a strategic venture at its establishment, by turn 50 all cities look and act the same. You feel like you're making strategic decisions in the early going, only to find out you optimized this city just like you did all of the others.3. Navigating the map - The map is beautiful, but it gets so detailed that it is hard to see where cliffs and ridges are, making you backtrack from inaccessible routes that you could have only seen if you zoomed in the whole way.4. Combat - It's really cool at first. But after a few fights, it is very monotonous. You'll find yourself autocombatting all but the most dramatic fights.5. Research - I really like the idea of the research system, especially its era-by-era achievements. Yet picking a research path is hard because there's so much text to read, and unless you invest a lot of time it's hard to see how technologies synergize.As a single-player only player, this game has a lot of really interesting ideas and great packaging, but it's just missing the polish that ties it together. If you're a 4X superfan, you should probably play this and get into the multiplayer. If you're just a hobby gamer, prepare to be wowed initially only to wonder what could have been.


July 13, 2020

I've put hundreds of hours into every 4X game imaginable. Endless Legends is without a doubt the BEST OF THE GENRE and the ONLY 4X GAME I NEED TO OWN. Interest in Fantasy based theme is recommended. All of the 14 playable empires (ALL DLC OWNED) feel unique and play differently. Resources (Strategic & Luxury) are used wonderfully for crafting, building, and empire boosts.Technology has NO prerequisites, research what you want when you want it within each era. Diplomacy/Espionage using Influence fixes issues I had with other games from the genre.Equipping Units & Heroes with crafted items using Strategic resources and being able to edit/create your own custom units is a big plus.Combat and conquering cities is not overly tedious and complicated. City building using Districts/Expansions that level up adds another level of strategy, and Empire Plans using Influence is well done. Beautiful game (for 2014) FULL of FLAVOR like... Questing, Quest Items, searching Ruins & Sunken Shrines, Anomalies, changing seasons (summer/winter), beautiful Dust Eclipses, The Alter of Auriga, collecting Pearls and Power Ups, Trade Routes, Guardians, Urkans, Controllable Ocean Regions, Sea Monsters, Fortesses, lots of Minor Factions to assimilate, Lots of Victory Conditions, and more!9.5/10 Soundtrack gets old after a couple games so I use the Full Lord of The Rings soundtrack instead. HIGHLY RECOMMEND waiting for a sale and picking up ALL DLCTHANKS!