How to play theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Silver Ridge Peaks on Mac

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theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Silver Ridge Peaks is a popular simulation game developed by Expansive Worlds. It was originally released for Windows on 23 Jun, 2020.

You still can't play theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Silver Ridge Peaks on Mac because a native Mac version was never released, but you can play theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Silver Ridge Peaks on Windows running inside Mac. Here's how.

How to play theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Silver Ridge Peaks using Parallels

Even if you don't have a PC, you can install Windows on your Mac using Parallels. Parallels is virtualization software with full support of DirectX and GPUs, which will give you a decent graphics performance. With a couple of clicks, you can install Windows 10 on Mac and ten switch between MacOS and Windows instantly. You can run Windows just like on a regular PC, install Steam and enjoy theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Silver Ridge Peaks game on Mac.

Even though the virtualization is relatively easy to set up, it requires you to buy both Parallels and Windows licenses. Since you'll be running two operating systems side by side, you'll need to dedicate at least 20-30GB of disk space for this setup and also a strong machine to run both operating systems at the same time.

If you have an older Mac or have a Mac with an M1 chip which doesn't fully support virtualization yet, you might want to try a virtual computer running in the cloud such as Second Computer.

How to play theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Silver Ridge Peaks using Second Computer

Alternatively, you can create a virtual computer in the cloud using Second Computer. Instead of license fee for Windows and Parallels, you pay by the hour (so it's much cheaper if you are using it infrequently) and you control the computer via a web browser. That means even if you have an older computer, you can run the latest games in the cloud without maxing out your processor or memory.

One added benfit is that since the computer is located in the cloud, you can access it from any device you own. So in theory you can play theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Silver Ridge Peaks not just from your Mac, but also from your iPhone and Android device (it's not going to be a very nice experience though on such a small screen size).

Either way, Second Computer provides a nice alternative for running non-native Mac apps on your Mac by connecting to a computer in the cloud.

Happy gaming!


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Jan 20, 2021

Absolutely stunning map as usual, but the main story quest being broken for months, is unacceptable.


Aug 4, 2020

They fixed the main mission. And you dont have to buy this. You can always play MP.For myself Id like to support those guys.They are no AAA Team with thausends of people. I think some seem to forget this.Every issue is being adressed but needs time to be fixed. There are dozens of other maps with a lot of other animals to hunt. Dont only point your finger at one aspect...


July 13, 2020

TLDR: I played this game a lot. It has bugs. Some are very bad. It is also very beautiful and very fun. This DLC is the best IMO. I've played all the DLC and done most the quests. I'm recommending this game. It is sad but true that this game has a lot of problems. Maybe not this DLC though. This experience so far has been fairly bug free. I did notice a silence in the ambient sound track. Anyways, this one is good. So far I got a few silver bucks. And one turkey. I decided to stalk a turkey... That was a mistake. I ended up hunting him for about 30 minutes to an hour and had to give up. I was devistated but not really. I just want to say to the devs, thanks. I really have enjoyed hundreds of hours playing your game. I just wish that you guys would release with less bugs and fix the ones that get released. I was really disappointed with some of the other DLC and did not recommend them. I saw a serious game breaking bug in Cuatro Colinas. In all of them that one is the worst. I didn't even play the Africa one because of the damn lion breathing glich bugged the **** out of me. The thing I love about this game is how immersive it is. The glowing tracks sometimes distract me or seem like its making the game too easy. But then that is prbly me just sucking. I do really like how the vegetation worked out in this DLC. That really improved the game for me. Devs did a great job on the plant life on this one. It is a truly beautiful game. And terrifying at times. I was writing this review while in game and alt tabbed and was startled by the sound of a mountain lion or some big cat. I started writing this review because I am doing the main quest and ended up in some random part of the woods and I found something really cool. No spoilers though. I was really suprised that only 1% of players have done the quest for this DLC. Yes, it is kinda hard to click on some things. I think the target in the game engine needs to be a box and not a plane. Also devs could you please make the map function a toggle. So it opens and closes with the same button. Every. Single. Time. I press the open button to close it. The only way to close it is with the escape key. That is a simple fix that would improve the game a lot. OK rant over...If you do not have good hand eye skill this game might be a challenge for you. Also, if you can not go slow, this game might not be for you. If you find yourself in sync with the environment and being immersed by a beautiful world, this game is for you. If you find developing a skill of hunting fun then this game is for you. It isn't easy sometimes. But it is rewarding when you get that adrenaline rush of getting a heart/lung shot on something. Its fun